Is this service different from High Street Estate Agency?
There is no need to use expensive glossy brochures since all marketing is done online. Otherwise? Absolutely not. We use all our High Street experise gained over 30 years, to market and sell your home. The only difference is the way we do it. There is no need for expensive printed brochures or office window boards. And these savings are passed onto you. Other than this, the service you receive is identical to that of traditional Estate Agency. .
How long will it take to get my home advertsised online?
Between 2 to 7 working days depending on whether Unicorn Homes are arranging your home report or whether you already have a home report in place.
Are there really no more fees when my home sells?
Absolutely not! Once your home sells there are no more fees from us. You do not pay any commission at all on the completion of your sale.